Bruschetta with olives

Bruschetta make a really interesting and easy to make appetizer, they are delicious and can be eaten both hot and cold.

How to make olive bruschetta for dinner

1. Slice some bread ( 8-10 baguette slices), sprinkle with olive oil and bake 3 minutes on each side at 375F

2. Put the olives and 1 clove a garlic in the food processor, and cut for 30 to 60 seconds using the blades. Adjust with salt, although if the olives are salty, this will not be needed.

3. When the brad is ready (light gold on the sides), take it out of the oven and rub each side with the remaining garlic clove.

4. Spread olive mixture on each slice of bread, and that is th… your olive bruschetta are ready to be served.

I usually prepare bruschetta whenever we are having a italian dinner or if we have an italian themed party, these appetizers are really easy to make, and unless you burn the bread there is no other way of messing this recipe.

Above all everybody loves bruschetta.

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