Snowman appetizer from hard boiled eggs

Snowman appetizer recipe made with hard boiled eggs and vegetables. You can make snowmen appetizers for children or for the Christmas dinner.

Making snowmen from hard boiled eggs

1. Hard boil the eggs, deep them in cold water and peel the egg shells. Cut a small part of the eggs ends.

2. Boil 1 peeled carrot (you can also use it raw, but it’s easier to eat if boiled, especially by kids).

3. Cut the black olive into tiny pieces, roughly half the size of a peppercorn, you can also use peppercorn instead of black olive pieces, but you won’t be able to eat the peppercorns.

3. Clean the rosemary, and cut it in pieces roughly the length of an egg height (of 2/3 of it). You can use parsley or dill if you don’t have rosemary.

4. Stack 2 eggs and 2 round pieces of carrot (a smaller one on top of a bigger one), and skewer them with a toothpick (you can use appetizers skewers or even dry spaghetti sticks instead of the toothpick.

5. Using a toothpick make holes for the eyes and buttons, and fill them with black olive pieces (use the toothpick to stuff the olives into the holes).

6. Make holes for the nose and mouth and stuff them with boiled carrot pieces

7. Stick two rosemary “branches” for the hands, and your hard boiled eggs snowman is ready.

Make the egg snowmen appetizers for Christmas or every time you need to convince your kid to eat some eggs.

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