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Caipirinha Cocktail

Here is a classic brazilian drink, that you can make at home if you have the ingredients.

How to make a Caipirinha cocktail

1. Wash a lime, cut it in half, and cut 1 half of lime into large chunks (4-6 chunks per 1/2 lime). Put the lime chunks into a medium size glass.

2. Put 1 teaspoon of sugar in the glass, you can use both brown or white sugar.

3. Crush the lime and sugar.

4. Fill the glass with ice.

5. Top with Cachaca (or white rum if you don’t have Cachaca) and stir.

White or Dark Rum can be used to substitute Cachaca, as both spirits have sugar cane as mai ingredient when distiled.

Your Caipirinha is ready to drink.

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