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Jack and Coke Cocktail

Here’s a classc, the Jack and Coke is probably one of the most simple to make cocktails, you only need to have ice, Coke and obviously some Jack in order to make this cocktail for you or your friends.

How to make the Jack’n Coke cocktail

Usually you should use a Collins glass for the Jack and Coke Cocktail, but you can also use a regular glass if it’s big enough to hold all the ice and liquid.

Let’s see how you can make Jack and Coke at home for your friends and family when you host a dinner or a party.

1. Fill a large glass with ice (you can also use a mason jar), you sould use ice cubes.

2. Pour around 50ml (almost 2oz) of Jack Daniel’s over the ice.

3. Fill the glass with Coke, use around 6oz of Coke as the recommended proportion for this cocktail is 1 part Jack 3 parts Coke.

This is such a popular drink that you can find it in a black can in stores.

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