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Simple oven cooked salmon filet recipe

Salmon filet cooked in the oven recipe

You will need 2 fresh salmon filets with skin.

1. Wash the salmon filets and fry them with a paper towel

2. Oil the skin of the filets with olive oil (this will prevent the skin to stick)

3. Pour 3 cups of hot water in an oven tray.

4. Place the salmon filets skin down on the oven grill, than put the grill in the oven above the tray with the hot water (this way the fat that will melt from the salmon will dripp in the water and will not be burned)

5. Cook the salmon for 25 minutes at 400F (200 Celsius).

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Eat the oven cooked salmon with Hollandaise sauce, grilles asparagus or steamed rice or broccoli.

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